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Which kind of permeable brick is better?


Permeable bricks are suitable for environments such as sidewalks, plazas, parking lots, highways, airport runways, roadways and garden buildings.

Permeable brick classification:

1. Ordinary permeable brick

The porous concrete material made of ordinary crushed stone is formed by compression, and it is used for pedestrian walkways and squares in general blocks. It is a general pavement product.

2. Polymer fiber concrete permeable brick

The material is granite stone aggregate, cement and cement polymer reinforcement, and blended with polypropylene fiber. The feeding ratio is tight. After stirring, it is compressed and shaped. It is mainly used for pedestrian walkways, plazas, and parking lots in municipalities, important projects, and residential communities. The pavement of other venues.


3. Color stone composite concrete permeable brick

The surface layer is made of natural colored granite, marble and modified epoxy resin, and then combined with the bottom polymer fiber porous concrete to form a composite. Color stone composite concrete permeable brick is an economical and high-end paving product, mainly used in luxury commercial areas, large squares, hotel parking lots and high-end residential areas.

4. Color stone epoxy permeable brick

The material aggregate is made of natural colored stone and imported modified epoxy resin, processed and formed by a special process, the colored stone epoxy permeable brick can be prefabricated, cast on site, and can spell out various artistic graphics and color lines. Give people a pleasing feeling, mainly used in garden landscape engineering and high-end community.

5. Concrete permeable brick

The material is made of river sand, cement, water, and concrete products made by adding a certain percentage of water-permeable agent. Compared with resin permeable brick, ceramic permeable brick and gap permeable brick, this product has low production cost, simple production process and easy operation. Widely used in highways, airport runways, roadways, sidewalks, squares and garden buildings.

6. Ecological sand-based permeable brick

It is through the principle of "surface tension of water", which effectively solves the technical problems of traditional water-permeable materials that are easily blocked by dust through pores and the contradiction between "water permeability and strength" and "water permeability and water retention". Stroke sand is a new type of eco-friendly material produced from raw materials.



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