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What are the requirements for the selection of refractory materials for intermediate frequency furnace lining


Refractory materials for intermediate frequency electric furnace linings are acidic, neutral and alkaline refractory materials. They are widely used in coreless intermediate frequency furnaces and cored induction furnaces. They are used as intermediate frequency furnace refractory materials to melt gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron, vermicular graphite cast iron and Cast iron alloy, molten carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel.

The selection of refractory materials for the IF furnace lining must have the following characteristics:

1. Under sufficient temperature, no deformation and melting performance

2. It can have the necessary structural strength at high temperature without softening deformation

3. The volume must be stable at high temperature, so as not to cause cracks due to expansion and contraction

4. When the temperature changes abruptly or the heating is uneven, it will not be broken or peeled off

5. Can resist the chemical attack of metal solution, slag and furnace gas

According to the different needs of customers, the selection of refractory materials in Quantong Kiln Industry is also different, mainly divided into the following types of refractory materials: acid refractory materials acid lining materials, using high-purity microcrystalline quartz sand, powder, adding high-temperature sintering agent and mineralizing agent The mixed dry vibrating material strictly controls the particle size and the amount of sintering agent added, so no matter how various knotting methods are used, a dense lining can be obtained.


The professional manufacturer of intermediate frequency furnace lining materials will explain to you in detail from several factors that affect the temperature resistance of intermediate frequency furnace linings, how to improve the temperature resistance of intermediate frequency furnace linings.

1. Remove mica paper when building a furnace.

2. The crystal quartz sand for furnace building is treated as follows:

3. Hand selection: mainly remove lumps and other impurities;

4. Magnetic separation: magnetic impurities must be completely removed;

5. Dry-type ramming material: slow drying treatment must be carried out, the drying temperature is 200 ℃-300 ℃, heat preservation for more than 4 hours.



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