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Factors affecting the price of light refractory bricks


1. Specification

There are many specifications of light-weight refractory bricks, such as common standard size T-3, wedge-shaped bricks, arch bricks, curved bricks, etc., as well as some special-shaped light-weight refractory bricks, different sizes of light-weight refractory bricks The different brick molds are used at different times. For example, irregular shaped light-weight refractory bricks need to be redesigned and reproduced, which can produce various specifications of light-weight refractory bricks.

2. Physical and chemical indicators

Light refractory brick reference physical and chemical index items include alumina content, bulk density, thermal conductivity, compressive strength, reburning line changes, etc. Generally speaking, the bulk density is the main reference for customers purchasing light refractory clay bricks. The volume density of light refractory bricks is 1.2, 1.0, 0.8, 0.7, 0.5. According to the needs of industrial kilns, the light weight of kiln brick lining is made. Refractory brick.


3. Strength

Can provide customers with a variety of materials of refractory bricks and refractory castables, a number of refractory brick production lines, to meet customer demand for large quantities of refractory bricks. Every step of Zhengda light refractory bricks is strictly controlled to ensure that it meets the requirements of the technical department and provides customers with excellent light refractory bricks.

4. Raw material cost

The refractory raw materials used in the production of light-weight refractory bricks differ in their component content, particle size, production area, etc. The cost and price of light-weight clay bricks will also affect the price of light-weight refractory bricks.





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