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Dialectical quality of refractory bricks from high to low


1. The staff of China Refractory Brick Trading Network introduced that refractory brick is a high-temperature building material and structural material widely used in building kilns and various thermal engineering equipment, and its usage is still very large.

2. The survey shows that the refractory bricks on the market now have different prices depending on the type. The price is about 1,500 yuan per ton, and the price is even as high as 10,000 yuan per ton. Some refractory bricks may be more expensive. But such an expensive refractory brick is really a price for a price, is it really quality guaranteed?

3. It is mainly because some unscrupulous merchants use people to "buy expensive psychology" to raise the price of refractory bricks, so that the entire refractory bricks sales market is smoldering, and the quality of the refractory bricks produced by those manufacturers is not good enough, which has harmed many consumers. Talk about the discoloration of refractory bricks.

4. Look at the proportion of impurities in refractory bricks. Generally speaking, there will be impurities in the sintering process of refractory bricks strictly according to the proportion of ingredients, which is no problem. However, some manufacturers often do not produce according to the proportion of materials used, so that the sintered refractory bricks do not have a hard structure, so that the quality of the sintered bricks is not satisfactory, and finally deceive consumers with high prices.


Then when you buy refractory bricks, you can view through the surface. Generally, the surface of refractory bricks with high content of impurities will be very rough, and those of refractory bricks that meet the quality standards have a uniform color and a smooth and flat surface. This is what we can intuitively distinguish from the surface.

5. This is the sintering experiment of refractory bricks. This method is the most effective. Generally, when we buy refractory bricks, we will go to the manufacturer to check. Especially before we decide to buy, we must let the manufacturer conduct high temperature test to check whether the sintering index of the refractory brick is the same as the standard index.

As long as the deviation of the experimental results is not large, the quality of the brick is still passable, which is a good way. If you have doubts, you can use the second method to detect.

6. Can you buy good goods cheaply? You still need to be cautious, but if the Chinese refractory bricks trading network comes up with a big price reduction of refractory bricks, don't hesitate. This shows that the price of refractory bricks is really reduced.





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