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Use characteristics of high alumina brick


1. Fire resistance

High-alumina brick products are high-grade varieties of aluminum silicate refractory products. Its refractoriness increases with the increase of Al2O3 and content, generally not less than 1750-1790℃. Such as corundum bricks with Al2O3 content greater than 95%, the refractoriness can be as high as 1900-2000 ℃.

2. Load softening temperature

The load softening temperature of high-alumina brick products decreases with the increase of silica and alkali metal oxide content, but it is higher than clay brick products, about 1420-1530 ℃. Al2O3. Corundum bricks with a content greater than 95% can have a load softening temperature of more than 1600°C.


3. Slag resistance

Due to the neutrality and high content of aluminum oxide in high-alumina brick products, such materials are resistant to acid and alkali slag erosion.

4. Thermal shock stability

In high alumina brick products, when the temperature of the refractory brick changes, the stress concentration is caused by the expansion difference. Therefore, the thermal shock stability of high-alumina brick products is lower than that of clay brick products, and the general water cooling times are only 3-5 times.

5. Change of reburning line

If the firing temperature of the high-alumina brick products is sufficient and the firing time is sufficient, the volume is stable and the change of reburning line is small; otherwise, the residual shrinkage such as clay brick products occurs due to recrystallization.





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