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Types of additives added to refractory bricks


Refractory bricks have been widely used in recent years. Their performance has been recognized by most people. Compared with the previous ones, their performance, advantages and characteristics have been improved. There are many types of refractory bricks, and the specifications and sizes of refractory bricks Sometimes it is not too clear. There are many types of bricks for refractory bricks. Here we introduce the types of additives commonly used in refractory bricks.

1. Bricks must be repaired in the same batch as old bricks produced by the same manufacturer.

2. The expansion joint cardboard of the excavated bricks should not be torn off. The excavated refractory bricks must be wet (the sufficiency of the fire mud should reach more than 95%). It is strictly forbidden to have no fire mud on the bricks and fire mud on the small head. Phenomenon, if this happens, heavy buildings should be demolished and constructed in time.

3. Use the remaining loose bricks as much as possible. These bricks are repaired together with the old bricks.


4. The contact surface of new and old bricks must be lit up with mud.

5. The seals of the first few circles of bricks must be inserted from the side, and the seals of the last circle of bricks must be inserted from the front.

6. There is no iron plate between the old and new bricks.

7. The cracks on both sides of the lock bricks should not be made of iron plates, the iron plates of the adjacent two circles of bricks should be staggered, and the two sides of the same brick cannot be made of iron plates.

8. The iron plate must completely penetrate into the brick joint.

9. Strictly build according to the proportion of designed bricks, and it is not allowed to change the proportion of bricks at will.

10. Try not to use (or reduce the use of) processing bricks when excavating.





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