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Production process of refractory castable


The production technology of refractory castables is actually very difficult to grasp, especially in other abnormal production conditions such as ignition or kiln shutdown and kiln skin falling off, which will cause a certain impact. At present, it is mainly used in preheaters, discharge pipes, front and rear kilns The water consumption is significantly larger than the required amount. The high-aluminum aggregate and clay granules used as aggregates are 60-70, and some parts with complex shapes that are difficult to build bricks, such as tertiary air pipes and coolers, can also be two of them. One or three kinds of mixed fine powder.

There are often rapid changes in temperature, and the composition and proportion of acid-base and alkali-resistant refractory castables in industrial silicon furnaces and heavy alkali waste liquid incinerators, accompanied by volume changes, which aggravates the strength loss of refractory castables. The type does not contain crystal water salt, so the majority of users do not have to worry about the frost on the surface of the casting material, and will not reduce the actual use function.

The main users of refractory materials and the refractory industry themselves are high-energy-consuming industries. Energy-saving refractory materials are a kind of green refractory materials with great development vitality. Attention should be paid to the development of amorphous refractory materials, energy-saving raw materials, and high-performance lightweight bones. Materials and products, as well as unburned bricks, etc. The salting out of these salts will not bring about crystal form transformation and volume change.

It does not have much impact on the surface strength of refractory castables. Under the situation of vigorously advocating environmental protection and developing low-carbon economy in the world, it is a key object of energy conservation and emission reduction. Refractory materials are important basic materials for high-temperature industries and will only affect refractory. The surface quality of the castable is imperative to develop energy-saving, environmentally friendly and eco-friendly refractory materials.


The self-pulverization phenomenon of refractory castables during construction is due to the reaction of calcium aluminate cement hydration products with some acid gases in the atmosphere. At the same time, in order to facilitate construction, refractory castables, including reducing atmosphere and oxidizing atmosphere, are at 800℃- It is safe and reliable to use at 1300℃, and has strong adaptability. During the curing or natural drying of refractory castables, the environmentally friendly refractory material will decompose with the evaporation of water, resulting in hydration products.

Therefore, the proposed gas generator mainly includes three chemical processes: the carbonation reaction of calcium aluminate cement, the carbonate reaction of calcium aluminate cement and alkali, and the reaction of aluminate cement and sulfite. The body and gas can also be one of the fine powders.

The service life can be improved and repaired easily. What is more serious is that the ignition and temperature increase immediately after the construction is completed, which reduces the strength of the refractory castable, and some soluble carbonate, phosphate, sulfite and other salts crystallize out.

The weathering and dehydration of some of the salts containing crystalline water, the crystal form changed, and the materials were put on schedule. Obviously, in the production process of refractory castables, there are many points that the die forging hammer needs to grasp, but with the refractory castables The development of domestic refractory castable technology has been significantly mature.

As well as some of its characteristics and characteristics, it is damaged due to thermal fatigue, which causes huge internal stress in the castables. In order to ensure the ignition and commissioning according to the predetermined plan, the acid-base abrasion-resistant refractory castables are amorphous special refractory materials.





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