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The role and use of refractory castable


Refractory castables are widely used in different parts of furnace linings such as power stations, boilers, melting furnaces, coke ovens, heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and induction furnaces.

Refractory castables are supplied as bulk dry powder, where the binder and bulk materials are packaged separately, and the binder is added at the same time during construction and mixing, and then water is added as required (the amount of water added is generally 10%-13%) cannot exceed 15 %, vibrating or ramming construction can be used after mixing. The product has a small aggregate size, which is suitable for the construction of complex furnaces and dense pipelines.

High temperature performance and strength. Wide temperature range. There is basically no shrinkage after high temperature, which overcomes the characteristics of the previous shrinkage of refractory concrete. The product is easy to store, transport and use.


1 Dry stir:

Ambient temperature and water temperature: The temperature of the mixing material water is required to be no less than 10℃. During construction, the temperature of the agitating and construction environment is not less than 5℃, nor greater than 35℃. If the construction is in winter/summer, heating/cooling measures should be taken to ensure that the construction and mixing water and environmental temperature meet the requirements to ensure the construction quality. The construction environment temperature is 10_-30℃.

(Remember: The quality and quantity of construction water and the control of the ambient temperature are the prerequisites for ensuring the quality of construction. Pour the bagged castable into the compulsory mixer at a rate not exceeding 20% of the mixer’s rated capacity each time Pour in the binder at the same time) Dry mix for 1-2 minutes.


2: Add water and stir

First add about 90% of the amount of water required and stir evenly for 2-3 minutes. The remaining water volume is adjusted according to the situation. If it is necessary to continue to add water, it can be discharged for pouring after stirring for 1-2 minutes after adding water. Clean water should be used for mixing, and no sewage, sea water or water containing impurities should be used.

3: Judgment of water content

In order to judge whether the water content of the stirring is appropriate, a simple "hand-pinch into pellet" method can be used to test: take the stirring water and knead into a compact pellet, throw the pellet about 20cm high, and then catch it by hand. The pellet deformed without stopping, indicating that the water content was just right.

If the pellet is deformed and flows out from the hand slit, it means that the water content is too much; if the pellet is cracked and scattered, it means that the water content is too little. Since the water content (water-cement ratio) directly affects the quality of the casting body, it is appropriate to reduce the dosage as much as possible under the conditions that meet the construction requirements.

For the thickness of the cast part, it is generally based on the size of the furnace construction on site or whether the cast furnace part is welded with anchors. The thickness of the pouring should be able to meet the full utilization of the furnace combustion chamber space, and also be able to achieve the solidity of the casting body, so the pouring thickness should be as thick as possible without affecting the size of the combustion chamber space to ensure the furnace life.

If the anchor is welded, the pouring thickness should be more than 1/3 of the height of the anchor. After the pouring is completed, the initial temperature will be maintained within 25℃/4 hours, and it will have a certain strength in 24 hours.





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